GUE diving team

Fun in diving!


Our main goal is having fun together while exploring the underwater world.


Team Yellow consists of the best divers in the world. ( why the best? we have a website! )


Dive, eat, sleep, dive, bbq, drink, repeat!

TEAM YELLOW our story...

It all started with a bag and two friends taking a GUE CCR 1 course on Sardinia, Italy.

To be able to bring all our diving equipment like CCR's, DPV's, drysuits and backup materials we decided to sent these materials with a courier. Then we both went by plane with just a bag of cloths. BUT, there it went wrong... at the same moment apart from each other we bought exactly the same bag! A yellow bag to be clear! From that moment TEAM YELLOW started.

Fun fact, TEAM YELLOW divers were already diving the Hollis F1 fin with YELLOW tips xD.

 get to know us 


Rogier Visser

Monsieur Crabs

Gijs Doornbusch

The flying Dutchmen

Jeroen Walta

Larry the Lobster

Dinas Alders


Manuel Roodveldt

Simba ( Mister Navigator )

Martijn Kamphuis

Projects, Courses and fun!

Gijs D.

Diving has thaught me that everything in life is about breathing. Keeping your breathing under control, no matter what you are doing is a pretty useful skill. Breathing easily and unconsiously, allows to relax and be more aware which makes diving more enjoyable, safe and most importantly you can see more cool stuff!

Just leave bubbles!

Jeroen Walta

Larry the Lobster

Dive now work later!

Gijs Doornbusch

The Flying Dutchmen

Carpe diem!

Rogier Visser

Monsieur Crabs