Team Yellow

Gijs Doornbusch

In 2010 I started diving with a local CMAS dive association in Zeeland. Intrigued by the underwater world I visited many dive sites in Zeeland. To be able to visit some dive sites in Zeeland a higher level of diving education was needed, therefore I upgraded in three years from Open Water diver to Advanced Open Water diver to Dive Master.

Interested by diving longer and deeper to visit the underwater world or wrecks, I followed GUE fundies in 2013. To be able to share the underwater world with family and friends I bought underwater photography equipment as a present to myself after obtaining my bachelor’s degree. In 2018 I joined Ghost Diving as photographer to show the mission of removing fishing debris from the seabed and wrecks. Developing and pushing personal boundaries I started CCR diving in 2019. After some tech dives with different buddies in Malta and Croatia, I started appreciating the GUE philosophy more and more due to steady buddies, equipment match and following protocols. This made tech diving easy and more enjoyable.