Team Yellow

Jeroen Walta

In 2006 during a tour I got my OW & AOW in Honduras on the island of Utila.
However, it took another 10 years before I had my own dive kit, a second hand from someone who stopped using it. In the beginning it was still limited to diving sites in the top of Noord-Holland and in the summer when the weather gods were favorable they went diving in the North Sea. We also go to Zeeland every Ascension weekend with the diving club Derp-Divers from Egmond.
With my interest in nature in general, while diving I enter a whole different world that I find very interesting. The lesser side that you do not see as a non-diver is the mess that, whether consciously or not, ends up in the water while diving. This allows me to combine the pleasant with the useful/necessary in clearing the rubbish that lays on the bottom.
After many dives and specializations under C-mas on holiday in Croatia I came into contact with technical divers for the first time. This piqued my interest and it didn't take very long when I accidentally ended up in the GUE world. So now a new adventure with the C1 training at JP & Am in France.