2022 German mine tour, Day 2

After another nice night at our Brauhaus hotel it was time to move over to Nuttlar for some amazing dives! Like yesterday it was an amazing drive to the dive spot thru the autumn world of Sauerland. When we arrived at the mine there was a nice welcome with a some good coffee to start the day. After checking our license and insurances at the office it was to to move over to the mine itself. But… first a picture off the in our opinion historic gasstation at the opposite side of the road 😉


The parking spot is small but perfect to our team and the rest of todays divers. Out of the autumn winds blowing the yellow brownish leaves down from the trees. Making it an amazing day for a dive.
Then it is time to inspect the entrance of the mine of Nuttlar. Funny fact is that the battery powered illumination is suported by our Dutch Buddy Karst of Karyvo. Jup it is a small world with those cave divers! It is a steep slope down to the water level. Just a little scared to do that fully suited. Hope i wont slip away or bump down to the bottom… But thankfully the old railway gives us some support to get down.

The railway down

I always think in the people that went down here before we go down, not the divers but the mine workers. How hard they have worked and how many of them came back injured or more badly? For sure it was a different time and different work from what we do these days, most of us behind a screen… Same thing while diving on a wreck at the North Sea for example. But back to the day! Diving time! The scaffold tables in frond of the entrance of the mine gives us a nice support to prep our stuff and do our GUE EDGE together before starting our dive.
Unfortunately I have no photos or videos from these dives at Nuttlar. But I can guarantee you for sure it was worth it. Nice detail is that the depth of the Nuttlar is not so deep so it is easy to make some more bottom time today!

Mr Navigator Manuel! ( on the right )

Surprisingly every part of the dive is how our navigation master Manuel explained us. Every dive he surprises me with his navigation skills and photographic memory. No matter if we dive at our “home” Wednesday dive lake at Vinkveen or a mine in Germany! Compliments buddy! Now… Back to the surface, back at the bottom of the rails. Lunch time 😉


Yeah correct! Mayday call! The onions are missing… some one thought that he had the rights to drop the last onions at the garbage… I don’t say names but he is the tallest person of the team! (*&^%$#

After the lunch i found out my nice hybride car was down… Thankfully to our onion master and Jeroen I was able to power my car again before we started our dive. That dive That was amazing, we tried to find the dry zone, but unfortunately one of us was so excited he ( she ) sucked his tank down before we arrived. So without the dry experience we went bank to the rail road. But impressive it was! Thanks again Manuel!

To complete our amazing weekend there was only one thing missing! A photo of the team!

From left to right : Manuel, Rogier, Jeroen, Gijs, Dinas.

Up to the next adventure of Team Yellow! Thanks for reading!

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