2022 German mine tour, Day 1

The party started Friday by travelling from Holland to Germany. All packed, tanks boosted to an extra and ready to dive! We stayed at Troll’s Brauhaushotel in the beautiful surroundings of Winterberg.

Our adventures started this weekend at the mine of Felicitas. ( link ) It was a 45 minutes drive from the Hotel but that was really worth it! Autumn, morning sun and a little fog gave us in combination with the yellowish morning sun some amazing views!

Always take care of good hydration!

Arrive at the Felicitas Mine we met the owner Jonas. He showed us the places and introduction to the mine. At the building was a nice stadie table to prep our sets, having a chat and of course some stupid jokes. So it was time for our first dive. Today Manuel and Dinas joined us for some fun. Always nice to have Manuel joining us with his excellent knowledge of almost every divespot I know in Europe. Our goal for the first dive was to create some nice photo from the machines. Manuel brought a special cave smb with him that we used to create a toplight in the machine room. Together with 4 extra lights it was an amazing view. Only very disappointing that my GoPro9 created a lot of noise ( yes you can still donate us to get a beter camera ) so the end result was ehhh… see your self below :


After the shoot there was a little time left to continue the dive and shoot some extra pictures of the machines. And enter one of the compartments, then it was time to go back, clean up and surface after a little safety stop at 6″.

Lunch time!
Amazing part of Felicitas is the covered space inside were you can dress and lunch! We had some nice soup and of course bratwurst!! Sorry Jonas we did not know you are vegetarian so next trip we take something better with us for your lunch 😉

After the lunch and refilling our tanks it was time for our second adventure this day at the Felicitas mine! This dive we went to the right at the bottom. Really impressive that these are 2 totally different mines with one entrance! The first mine was made with machinery and the second mine part was mostly made with explosives what resulted in a very different wall structure. But the temperature is the same overal, freezing 7 degrees it was brrr. Thankfully there is heating on the market. O and Argon! I must agree that you really feel the difference. Jonas told us he tested blind with air and argon in the tanks and he confirms it really helps to get a warmer suit!

Snelle video van Manuel

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