Team Yellow

Martijn Kamphuis

I wanted to be a diver since I can remember. When I saw the first Jacques Cousteau movie I was really fascinated by the underwater world. 

As a little kid I started snorkeling at every chance I got even in the bath tub and when I was on holidays with my parents in Croatia in the sea. I completed my Open Water Course at the age of 15.

Many dives and courses later I became an instructor and few years later I got interested in technical diving, completed my Nauti Tech 1 course and progressed to rebreather diving and completed  my  MOD 1 and MOD 2 course.

In 2020 holidays were cancelled due to Corona and the best way to stay busy diving for me was to find a new challenge so I decided to do my GUE fundamental course and It was then when everything came together for me,  It was a very good way to meet very qualified and experienced  divers with similar ideas about diving and joining a community where I found lots of new buddies to dive with. Later completed my GUE Tech1, DPV and CCR1 course in a short period of time. ( I have a lot to learn and discover so new courses will come )

Last but not least is my passion for underwater photography, I did my first course with a Nikon D90 analog camera with Kurt Amsler in France and still enjoy underwater photography today.

My next adventure will be an expedition to the Bikini Atoll which I expect to be a once in a life time.