Team Yellow

Rogier Visser

At the age of 13 Rogier obtained his first diving license. He was lucky enough to meet wonderful buddies who took him everywhere. Every weekend he could be found in Zeeland or at another dive site at home and abroad in fresh and salt water.

 Then it was great to find a wreck yourself, on a compass underwater. Back then, car tires were still pollution. Never mind that there was a path to a wreck or other dive site. During the dives always been busy with “cleaning up”, everything that didn't belong went up in his net. In the meantime many dives and certifications further, Rogier prefers to dive on the North Sea! Weather permitting, he can be found on the North Sea every weekend during the summer months. Archeology is the biggest challenge. In addition to his experience as a recreational diver, Rogier has also dived with the fire service as a rescuediver. There is also a great interest in the medical side of diving.

Rogier is a PADI MSDT diving instructor. But he prefers to dive with his rebreather on wrecks in the North Sea!